Just starting.

March 14 2017
Oh Boy!
PJ the Gardener is in the middle of March and still not started garden work for this year.
So I had better get going.
Winter has been hanging around here [Kelowna, BC, Canada] for an unusually long time. There is still snow cover on much of the ground around the house. It’s not an excuse; I’m just saying.
In the last week some Crocus bulbs poked green shoots into the air next to the receding snow. And I spotted Snowdrop blooms at the base of winter-dead stalks of some perennials. It won’t take long for the rest of the snow to disappear, especially if it rains.
Meanwhile I would normally have laid out plans for planting vegetable and flower beds, window and hanging baskets. Seeds and rhizomes would have been ordered and supplies for starting seeds laid in. In a normal year peas would be in the ground soon. This doesn’t seem to be a normal year so far.